Hope for Syria (English)

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3 years of  horror, more than 150.000 dead and millions of refugees, the Syrian Revolution has vanished under gun shots. Victims are increasing with the outbreak of violence. The faces disappear, the children laughs have been replaced by the clash of arms.

Collage Hope for Syria © www.yannmacherez.com Hope for Syria © www.yannmacherez.com

« Hope for Syria » is a triptych for three years of fallen hopes and broken lives. Through the smiles of children from Atmeh and Za’atari camps, our aim is to demonstrate that despite barbary and bombings, despite destitution and confinement in the camps, hope always remains.
The message is clear, in three languages : « Hope for Syria ». The main idea is to give life to this hope in the streets and in the eyes of pedestrians. The work of art was installed the night before spring, which was also the day of Newroz.
Art doesn’t change the number of deaths, art doesn’t tenderize the heart of the executioners but it can favor reflection, and prevent forgetfulness.

Pictures by Florian Seriex and Ammar Abd Rabbo and graphic realisation by Ahmad Ali. The work of art is visible in front of 48 rue Saint Sebastien in the 11° district – Paris.

– Why did you take part in this project ?

Ahmad Ali : « When Florian proposed this project to me with enthousiasm, I had no reason not to take part in it, because the main idea of the project was to bring out the situation of Syrian refugee children. The artwork, installed in the street, is intended for the great public. It is meant to break the barriers of language through its clear message, in Arabic, French and English. For me, this way of expression has a huge impact on the audience, an impact that goes beyond the frame of media and tends to affect the viewer deeply. »

Ammar Abd Rabbo : « Because it couldn’t be otherwise ! As soon as Florian invited me to take part in this project, I couldn’t refuse. As a journalist, I complain often about the lack of space dedicated to Syria in the media. More and more, medias talk about jihadis or armed frictions, forgetting civilians and children. I’m delighted to work on a project that highlight their « good faces ». I like this project, I like the idea that the smiles of syrian kids question and astonish Parisians. It’s our duty, as citizens, free men, in our own ways, to bring our contribution, even humbly, to avoid that we forget the Syrians and their suffering. »

Florian Seriex : « Nearly a thousand days since the beginning of the Syrian revolution, I had the idea of this project . At first, I had only the desire to paste pictures of Syria on walls, but while discussing it with others, I understood there was something more. Ahmad questioned the photographic dimension of the work, adding his graphist viewpoint; Ammar proposed his pictures. Together, we shared the same desire, to speak about children, the main victims of the syrian conflict. These children are at the heart of a war that caused more than 150.000 deaths and the displacement of millions. These children are the most vulnerable victims of the conflict and at the same time the greatest hope for Syria. These children offered us their time and their smiles in Atmeh and Zaatari camps and we wished to show the audience that despite the bombs, hope remains, and it remains in the smile of a child. »

– Biography

Ahmad ALI is a visual artist from Syria. He lives and Works in Paris. He has dedicated all his art work to the Syrian Revolution since its beginning. He has taken part in several events (conférences, exhibitions, books) concerning art against war in Syria.


Ammar Abd Rabbo is a journalist and photographer. He was born in Damascus in Syria and he lived in Libya, Lebanon and then France. He worked for various famous publications in different countries and languages.
Since the beginning of the Syrian Revolution, he was been to his motherland four times, with the will to show another image of Syria, highlighting topics often avoided by mainstream medias such as art, graffiti on the wall of Aleppo, the attempts to save the heritage of the city. « I’m doing my best to picture life, not death », he explained, coming back from Aleppo in July 2013.


Florian Seriex works for the INGO Action against Hunger (ACF). Former journalist, he lived in Syria for 18 months, where he witnessed the first months of the Revolution. He tries to make people aware of the tragedy that takes place in Syria through various kinds of media.

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Florian Seriex is a French photojournalist currently based out of Amman, Jordan and is represented by SIPA Press. He moved to Amman in October 2014 and is the Regional Communication Advisor with international NGO Action against Hunger. He was previously based in Iraqi Kurdistan and Syria.